Even Fox News shocked after Joe Arpaio uses Obama birth certificate to explain Hawaii false alarm

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Saturday night, on Fox News, Jeanine Pirro was hosting the former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio. Arpaio is now a convicted criminal and Senate candidate.

While in the past Fox has entertained the Obama birth certificate conspiracy, they seem to have moved past it. Arpaio, on the other hand, apparently has it on the front of his mind. 

When Arpaio was asked about the false alert, he dived head-on into the conspiracy.

“I don’t want to get into it,” Arpaio said, “but I know doing a certain investigation on a fake, fraudulent government document.”

The ‘fake document’ he was referring to was Obama’s birth certificate.

“They can’t even solve that case. They don’t even want to look at it. So either they’re incompetent or there’s something behind it.”

Pirro didn’t want to engage in the conspiracy theory and tried to change the subject. She explicitly pointed out the legitimacy of the long-form birth certificate that was filed.

“I got to push back on that a little bit. That document, the long-form, was filed. Let’s put that way. Let’s talk about what happened today in Hawaii. You had some specific thoughts about today,” said Pirro.

Arpaio wouldn’t let it go.

“Well, the only thing I’m saying is they can’t even solve a phony document. So now they’ve got a problem. There’s something wrong with that government,” responded Arpaio.

Pirro responded by pointing out that the document confusion was solved and even exclaimed “whoa.”

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About a week ago Arpaio, 85, launched a bid to represent Arizona in the Senate. Considering he’s bringing up the Obama birth certificate out of the gate, it’s likely that this will be a recurring theme throughout his candidacy.

How will the conspiracy theory likely play out for Arpaio’s Senate bid? A YouGov poll in late December of 2017 showed that 51% of Republicans still believe that President Obama was born in Kenya. This is compared to just 14% of Democrats. Yes, shockingly, 14% of Democrats somehow believe Obama was born in Kenya.


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