Energy Secretary Rick Perry says Puerto Rico is its own country- gets schooled by a Democrat (w/ video)

Credit: REUTERS/American-Statesman/Jay Janner

On Thursday, during a House Energy and Commerce subcommittee hearing, Energy Secretary Rick Perry described Puerto Rico as its own country. This incident happened when Rep. Kathy Castor (D-FL) asked Perry about the efforts to restore the power grid that was destroyed by the hurricane.

Castor asked, “What is your plan to build a more distributed grid there with the modern technology that’s at our fingertips?”

Perry replied, “Congresswoman Castor, you have just pointed out the real challenge that this country faces in dealing with the territory and the citizens of Puerto Rico.”

He continued, “That is a country that already had its challenges before this storm…”

Then Castor interjected saying, “Well, they’re — it’s America. They’re American citizens, so it’s not a country. But could you just detail, since the time is limited.”

Perry apologized for “misstating here and calling it a country.”

Back in 2012, during the Republican presidential nomination, Perry made a similar embarrassing mistake. During the debate, he couldn’t remember the third federal agency he wanted to get rid of, which is now the department he is a secretary of.

You can watch the clip below:


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