Dutch Prime Minister interrupts Trump to school him on tariffs- Smiles and says ‘NO!’

Credit: Left: Getty Images Right: DREW ANGERER/GETTY IMAGES

On Monday, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte interrupted to refute Trump’s claims about how tariffs against European goods were “positive.”

During a press pool meeting in the Oval Office, where Rutte was attending, Trump stated that he hoped to “work something out” with European Union (EU) leaders in regard to the trade deal.

Trump stated, “If we do work it out, that will be positive. And if we don’t, it will be positive also, because —”

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Rutte interrupted with a smile, “No.”

Trump concluded his sentence by saying, “Just think about those cars that pour in here.”

Rutte insisted, “It’s not positive. We have to work something out.”

The meeting with Rutte comes as Trump decided to impose steel and aluminum import tariffs. He has also threatened tariffs on all European cars.

Below is the video:


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