“He doesn’t speak for the rest of America”- California Gov. Jerry Brown speaks in Hamburg prior to G20 meeting

screenshot via Global Citizen/Youtube

On Thursday, prior to the G-20 Summit,  California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) revealed his plans for a global environmental summit in San Francisco next year. He also told the crowd that Trump “doesn’t speak for the rest of us.”

In a video announcement at the Global Citizen Festival in Hamburg, Brown spoke to 12,000 environmental activists. Trump was not invited to this event because his policies don’t align. Other leaders that were speaking were Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Argentinian President Mauricio Macri.

In his interview with the LA Times, Brown talked about how states can join together with other countries to fight against climate change.

“It’s hard to grasp the mortal danger that climate change represents,” Brown stated. “I believe that California, New York, France and Germany and the other countries — we have to get our act together, strengthen our commitment and bring as many nations along as we can.”

In his video announcement to attendees of the event, Brown took aim at Trump saying that he doesn’t speak for us and says that the U.S. can work together on climate change without the president.

“It’s up to you and it’s up to me and tens of millions of other people to get it together to roll back the forces of carbonization and join together to combat the existential threat of climate change…” Brown continued, “Yes, I know President Trump is trying to get out of the Paris agreement, but he doesn’t speak for the rest of America. We in California and in states all across America believe it’s time to act, it’s time to join together and that’s why at this climate action summit we’re going to get it done.”

According to Brown, the planned summit for next year would be “the biggest state in the union is the venue for a worldwide convocation of states, regions and entrepreneurs and others who want to do something serious about climate change.”

You can watch the video below:


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