Dems testing new slogan: ‘Have you seen the other guys?’ Do you like it?

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At first, I thought it was satire. It’s not. The Campaign arm for House Democrats decided to some new slogans on Wednesday. One of which was: “I mean, have you seen the other guys.”

That one, in particular, is a bit self-deprecating, which may not work in a political environment. The others didn’t seem to garner too many fans either.

“Not exactly the most inspiring slogan, @dccc,” tweeted reporter Derek Willis.

Other critics were a bit harsher.

“Dems are asking people to vote on a new sticker and I’m not sure anyone in history has been as bad as this,” wrote Adam Serwer of The Atlantic.

Other slogans were being tested as well. They included “She persisted, we resisted,” and “make Congress blue again.”

The DCCC sent these out and asked subscribers to vote. The winning slogan will be announced after polls close tomorrow.

Do you have an idea for a Democratic slogan? Let us know in the comments below.

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