Democrats just won another important election in Minnesota (Details)

Credit: Planned Parenthood

On Monday, there were two special elections that took place in Minnesota.

One was for a state representative seat for District 23B. The other election was for state senator for District 54. Both seats were vacated by lawmakers who resigned due to allegations of sexual misconduct.

In District 23B, Republican Jeremy Munson won the state representative seat with 59.22 percent of the vote. Democrats weren’t expected to win that seat.

However, in District 54, Karla Bigham took the seat with 50.7 percent of the vote. Bigham is part of the Minnesota Democratic Famer Labor Party. The district Bigham won is known to historically vote Democratic.

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Bigham’s victory is keeping the Republican’s Senate majority at a 34-33 seat margin.

This win also is keeping Democrats’ hope alive that Senate President Michelle Fischbach (R-Payneville) will be removed from her seat by the court. This removal would give Democrats a chance to take control. Democrats argue that Fischbach cannot be both a senator and a lieutenant governor.


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