Democrats flipped the Virginia House by just one vote (Details)


On Tuesday, a recount for the Virginia state House race seemed to have flipped the race.

This was done by a single vote that tied the entire House of Delegate’s composition. The recount between Democrat Shelly Simonds and Republican David Yancey yielded 11,608 to 11,607 respectively.

On Wednesday, judges are expected to certify the outcome and the Republicans seem to be accepting the results. They even released a statement noting that Democrat Shelly Simonds won.

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Below is their statement:

In the House of Delegates, there is no tie-breaking procedure so the two parties will have to negotiate an agreement. This is rare but isn’t the first time there was a tie in the House of Delegates. This happened after the 1997 elections and the two parties eventually reached an agreement.

Since 2000, Republicans have controlled the Virginia state House. Just two months ago, Republicans controlled 66 out of 100 seats. However, this election allowed both sides to hold 50 seats equally.

There is a slim chance for Democrats to break the tie in the 28th District. In this particular district, a Republican is leading by just 83 votes. However. there were at least 147 voters in the district who received wrong ballots and voted with them. But, their votes were not counted toward the House of Delegates race. Democrats have sued and demanded there be a new election.


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