Daniels can now share details of sex with Trump without fear of financial ruin (Details)

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On Friday, Michael Avenatti, who represents Stormy Daniels, revealed that she can now share details of her affair without fear of financial ruin. This is because at least 10 unnamed individuals have offered to pay off any financial repercussions.

According to the agreement between Trump’s attorney and Daniels, she could owe $1 million for every time she goes public and discloses details of the affair. That money would be paid to Cohen, Trump’s personal attorney, who would receive a handsome return from the $130,000 he originally paid to Daniels (although most of us believe that’s Trump’s money).

In an interview with Avenatti, he explained that he thinks those details are on the horizon.

“Well, I mean I think we may see that. I think we may see her provide a very detailed explanation of what happened, she is going to discuss what happened,” Avenatti claimed. “Let Mr. Trump come forward and provide his version of events and let the American people decide who is shooting straight with them and who is covering things up.”

During an interview with CNN, Avenatti asserted that at least 10 individuals have offered to pay the $1 million. That was only in the past three days.

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“Has anyone offered, has anyone, including Larry Flint, but I want to ask this in universal sense, has anyone offered to pony up the million dollars to protect her and say ‘here, I’m good for it, go tell your story’?” asked CNN host Michael Smerconish.

“At least ten individuals in the last three days alone,” Avenatti replied.

More to come.


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