Creator of Minecraft tweeted angry homophobic tweet but quickly deleted it (Details)

Credit: YouTube/Quelle

On Thursday, Markus Persson, the billionaire creator of Minecraft, also known at “Notch” on Twitter, tweeted a very homophobic message. Even though he quickly deleted it, the hashtag he used started to trend on Twitter.

Below is the screenshot of his tweet:


He deleted his original tweet but followed up his original tweet saying “by a photographer”, “with a gun”.


He was met with plenty of backlash.

There was one response where the user explained why gay pride matters.

Perrson replied to that reply and seemed understanding. He said, “Well ok, good point. I will foolishly stand by my other statements for hate baiting though.”

Here are other responses that he received for his hateful tweet:

It probably comes as no surprise that Perrson has made pro-Trump statements in the past.

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