Creator of ‘Cards Against Humanity’ pledges to buy and publish Congress’s browser history (Details)

Photo: McClatchy-Tribune News Service

This week Congress voted and approved a bill that would allow your internet service provider to sell your browsing history to third parties. Privacy advocates, such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation, believe this comes at a great risk to consumers.

Since both the Senate and House have passed a version of the bill, it only awaits the President’s signature. Trump has already committed to signing the bill.

In response, Max Temkin, creator of the card game ‘Cards aAgainst Humanity,’ vowed to take revenge against Congress for the act. Temkin pledged he would purchase the browser history of every congressman, including their aides, and then publish it.

Others on the Internet have discussed creating a Kickstarter/crowdfunding an effort to do the same, but Temkin insists that they save their money and let him take care of it.


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