Cory Booker joins Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris to push Medicare-for-all (Details)

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On Wednesday, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) plans to come out with a Medicare-for-all bill that will extend the Medicare program for that currently covers Americans over the age of 65. This bill has picked up support from a handful of Democrats.

On Monday, Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey is the latest Democrat that has floated the idea of being a possible 2020 presidential contender to get behind the “Medicare for all” bill.

During an interview with NJTV, Booker stated, “I’m signing onto Medicare-for-all, which I’m excited to do this week. Sen. Sanders, myself, and some others are going to be announcing some legislation this week along with some of my other colleagues.”

He continued, “You should not be punished because you are working-class or poor and be denied health care. I think health care should be a right to all.”

He added, “This is something that’s got to happen. ObamaCare was a first step in advancing this country, but I won’t rest until every American has a basic security that comes with having access to affordable health care.”

This push for a single-payer healthcare system was the center of Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign and for months, he has promised he would introduce legislation to do so.

In addition to Booker, Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) and Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) announced their support for Sanders’ legislation.

This is not the first time Booker talked about his support for a single-payer system.

When he was asked on Twitter if he would support a single-payer health care system, he replied,

Even though, the support for Sanders’ push for a single-payer system from 2020 Democratic presidential contenders is growing, support from the Senate Democratic caucus is mixed.

According to polls, a single-payer healthcare system is becoming more popular among the American public and people like Warren Buffet have expressed their support for the idea.

But, the odds of passing this bill might be impossible with a Republican controlled Congress and White House.

On Wednesday, Sanders and his co-sponsors will roll out the legislation at a large event featuring doctors, hospital workers, and many others.

You can watch the clip of Booker announcing his support for Medicare-for-all:


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