Cop who saved Steve Scalise’s life gets a huge slap in the face (Details)

Credit: LA Progressive

Earlier this year, Republican Rep. Steve Scalise was shot during a Congressional baseball practice. His life was saved by a Capital Police Officer Crystal Griner, who is a lesbian.

Scalise returned to Congress this week and it has been confirmed that on Oct. 13th, he will speak at the Family Research Council annual Values Voter Summit. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Family Research Council is considered to be an anti-LGBT hate group.

The organization openly endorsed a Uganda bill aka “kill the gays bill” but later lied saying they never supported the bill.

In a statement by the council that revealed that Scalise would be speaking at their event, Tony Perkins, FRC’s president, says Scalise’s recovery is “an answer to prayer” rather than the brave actions of Officer Griner.

He continued, “His fighting spirit in overcoming the odds is a source of inspiration for those who are fighting for the heart and soul of our nation and our culture.  I look forward to welcoming my friend and former colleague back to the Values Voter stage.”

Even though he was saved a lesbian police officer, this shows it didn’t change his mind on LGBTQ rights. Also, his views on gun control haven’t changed either, as his view on gun control has simply been “fortified.”


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