Conway: Obama may have watched Trump by turning his microwave into a camera- SERIOUSLY

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The White House is attempting to back up Donald Trump’s crazy accusation of former President Barack Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower, and Kellyanne Conway tried to take a stab at it.

On a Sunday interview at her home, Conway suggested that the “surveillance” of the Trump Tower is even broader than just wiretapping.

“What I can say is there are many ways to surveil each other,” Conway said. “You can surveil someone through their phones, certainly through their television sets — any number of ways.”

Conway also added that people can be monitored by “microwaves that turn into cameras,” saying that “We know this is a fact of modern life.”

Conway, like Trump, did not give any evidence to back up this claim. However, her comments are significant because the House Intelligence Committee has given the White House by Monday to give any evidence of the alleged wiretapping.

Her comments reveal that the White House is not backing down on Trump’s claim, even though Obama and the U.S. intelligence community have denied the claims.

During her interview, she reiterated that the alleged wiretapping and other surveillance forms that she mentioned should be reviewed with the investigation on whether or not Russia meddled in our election.

“What the president has asked is for the investigation into surveillance to be included into the ongoing intelligence investigations in the House and Senate,” Conway stated.

It seems as though Conway was trying to complicate the investigations of Russia.

Via Anne-Marie Caruso/

While she talked about getting a closer look into the alleged wiretapping by Obama, it is said that she was dismissive of the extent and impact that Russia may have had in our election.

She insisted that Democrats who are calling for an in-depth investigation into the Russian connections while rejecting Trump’s claim on the alleged wiretapping are undermining the Trump presidency.

“The investigation is about a bunch of people who can’t believe that Hillary Clinton lost the election,” Conway said with her voice rising when she was asked about the possibility of Russia helping in the defeat of Hillary Clinton.

“I was the campaign manager,” Conway added. “I was there every day and every night. I talked to people in Macomb County, Michigan, not in Moscow.”

She continued saying that “this whole conspiracy” is a “waste of people’s oxygen, and air and resources and time when we could be helping those who are hungry, who need health care, who are in poverty, who need tax relief, entrepreneurs who want to get off the ground.”

The interview contained many topics, including Trump trying to get a coalition to support his health care plan and how she believes that Gov. Chris Christie would eventually join the Trump team in some way.

But throughout the interview, she kept bringing up that Democrats are incapable of accepting the fact that Trump defeated Hillary Clinton.

“They haven’t gotten over it,” Conway said while mentioning that she knows some Democrats that are still in “the stages of grief.”

“I know they’re not in acceptance,” Conway said. “That’s too bad for the country. The campaign is over. Now it’s time to govern.”

Meanwhile, the clock is ticking on the White House providing real evidence of the wiretapping by Monday.

Here’s the portion of the interview where Conway talks about possible surveillance tactics that were used against Trump Tower:

You can watch the full interview here. 


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