Congressman to Trump: ‘Purge leftists from executive branch’ (Details)

Via Fox News

On Sunday night, Rep. Steve King (R-IA), who is known to be one of Trump’s most vocal supporters  tweeted that Trump needs to clean house of leftists.

He tweeted:

King shared a Conservative Review opinion piece that said that Trump could become a lame-duck president if he doesn’t clean house. In the article, Horowitz claimed that there is an “a silent coup within the intelligence agencies” against Trump, and he called for the firing of any staffer or political appointees who don’t “share the views of the president.”

Horowitz went on to say that Obama utilized “full control over every nook and cranny of the executive branch,” while Trump has not done the same.

From the Conservative Review article:

“Any open borders official within DOJ and DHS should be gone,” Horowitz wrote. “Any pro-government-run health care supporter within HHS has to go. Any official within Treasury who is not on board with the OMB spending cuts and pro-growth tax cuts should go out and campaign for their cause … on the outside. Any State Department official who is a shill for refugee resettlement, a Palestinian State, the Muslim Brotherhood, or who opposes the president’s immigration moratorium must go.”


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