Colorado GOP leader caught trying to make money from the baseball shooting (Details)

Photo via Dave Anderson

On Wednesday, Republican Colorado House Minority Leader Patrick Neville justified using the shooting of Representative Steve Scalise and three others to raise funds.

Neville sent out fundraising letters asking donors to contribute their donations to Colorado Liberty PAC. In the letter, it asked donors to help combat “the hate-inspired violent rhetoric against conservatives and Republicans.”

The letter goes on and says, “The left is out of control. Their violent actions are un-American, and it needs to stop!”

The letter ends by saying, “Finally, if you can, please show us that you’re not backing down by chipping-in $50 or $25 to Colorado Liberty PAC today so we can retake the State House in 2018. Your contribution today will help us advance our conservative values through passionate and peaceful civil discourse that makes our country great.”

According to Neville, the purpose of the fundraising letter was not to raise funds for the shooting.

“I wouldn’t consider it a pure fundraising email,” Neville said. “The main purpose was to encourage people not to be silenced by fear.”

“This issue is a difficult one for me. As a former Columbine student I have experienced a mass shooting and lost friends,” he added. “I also saw political terrorist acts, like this one, used in Iraq as a way to silence the citizens of that country. I never want to see that here in America. I think it is important to stand up against them immediately.”

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