Clay Aiken apologizes for defending Trump- ‘Well, I am a f****ng dumbass’ (Details)

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Last year, Clay Aiken, former Celebrity Apprentice candidate, supported Hillary Clinton but defended Trump against racism accusations that Trump heard during his presidential campaign.

During his appearance on Fox Business in March 2016, Aiken stated, “I don’t think he’s fascist. I don’t think he’s a racist. I like him as a person. I always say, he’s kind of like the uncle who gets drunk at the wedding and embarrasses you. You still love him, but you wish he’d shut up.”

He continued in the same interview, “I mean, I am a Democrat, and I certainly don’t agree with anything he’s saying right now. Nor do I agree with anyone else on that side of the aisle who’s running for president. But I think the concern for me more is that I don’t really know where he falls [on the issues].”

However, he is now taking back what he said back then.

On Tuesday, shortly after Trump blamed “both sides” for the violent white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va. Aiken tweeted:

In 2014, Aiken ran for Congress in North Carolina as a Democrat but was unsuccessful.

During his appearance on Chelsea in July of 2016, Aiken predicted Trump’s win. On the show, Aiken stated, “We say Hillary has no chance of losing, Trump’s never going to be President and people continue to say that and they will stay home and it’ll end up being like Brexit in England where we end up having a clown President for four years.”


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