Chelsea Clinton: ‘I am not running for public office’ (Details)

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It’s long been rumored that the daughter of the Clinton political dynasty would be running for office in the near future. Back in November, various sources were reporting that she was eyeing a Congressional seat for New York’s 17th District.

But in a recent interview with Variety, she dispelled those rumors.

“I am not running for public office,” Clinton said.

Chelsea explained that she is consistently surprised by the media claims that she is planning to run for ‘fill in the blank’ office. She said “I really find this all rather hysterical, because I’ve been asked this question a lot throughout my life, and the answer has never changed.”

“I love my City Councilwoman—she’s awesome,” Clinton said. “I’m obsessed with Tish James, who is our public advocate in New York City. I support our mayor. I love my Congresswoman. I love our senators. I clearly do not support the president and certainly hope that he is defeated in the next election, but I don’t think I’m the best person for that job.”

While many Clinton supporters would love to see Chelsea try her hand at politics, others within the Democratic party think it would be a disaster.

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Michael Sainato, from The Observer, explained that he feels another Clinton would serve to further disconnect the Democratic Party from working and middle-class voters. 

Meanwhile, Chelsea remains an active voice in politics using Donald Trump’s favorite medium- Twitter. The Clinton daughter has racked up over 1.6 milllion followers and is a consistent critic of the current administration. She also continues to be the vice chair for the Clinton Foundation, and a regular speaker at activist events.


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