British lawmakers call for Trump’s arrest after racist retweets (Details)

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Some British lawmakers are calling for the arrest of Donald Trump if he were to set foot in the United Kingdom. This talk is coming a day after Trump retweeted anti-Muslim videos from Britain First, a far-right group in Britain.

On Thursday, Paul Flynn, a Labour MP, tweeted that Trump should be “arrested for inciting racial hatred” if he “steps foot on UK soil.”

Another MP, Chris Bryant, is also calling for Trump’s arrest if he were to come to the U.K.

Other MPs are labeling Trump as “a fascist” and “stupid.” Stephen Doughty, a Labour MP, stated that Trump is trying to “sow hatred and division.” He also added that “he is either a racist, incompetent, or unthinking — or all three.”

Peter Bone, a conservative member of Parliament, has even asked Prime Minister Theresa May to advise Trump to delete his Twitter account.

Others are also calling for the cancellation of Trump’s state visit.

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Mayor Sadiq Khan took to Twitter to reiterate that a visit from Trump “would not be welcomed” because he is “promoting a vile extremist group.”

May condemned Trump in a statement saying that it was “wrong” for him to share the videos.

May stated, “I’m very clear that retweeting from Britain First was the wrong thing to do. Britain First is a hateful organization. It seeks to spread mistrust and division in our communities. It stands against common British decency.”

Trump then responded to May saying that she shouldn’t worry about him.


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