Billionaire Tom Steyer just angered Trump with hilarious book stunt (Details)

Photo via USA Today

Billionaire hedge-fund manager and Democratic activist Tom Steyer made a hilarious move that has put the White House on edge.

Trump has recently been livid following the release of Michael Wolff’s new salacious tell-all “Fire and Fury.” The Trump team has been on full steam as they work their hardest to discredit the author and book itself. The President even went as far as issuing a cease-and-desist letter to prevent the book’s publication.

Tom Steyer noticed Trump’s frustrations over the book and noticed that he didn’t want anyone reading the book. Steyer, who has been spending millions on an “impeach Trump” movement, decided to spend some money in another way that would drive Trump to madness.

Steyer purchased 535 copies of “Fire and Fury” which he plans to distribute to every member of Congress. He told a California radio station that he plans to deliver each copy personally.

Why did he do this? The book is full of details that shed light on how dysfunctional this administration is. One of the most damning revelations is that Steve Bannon described Trump Jr.’s Russia meeting as “treasonous” and “unpatriotic.”

The book goes on to reveal that some Trump aides think he “acts like a child.” It also quotes several Trump “allies” describing him in terms such as “fucking idiot” and “total fool.”

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Also included in the book are indications that Trump did not plan on winning the presidency and that he often refuses advice from advisers.

Steyer, who has been gaining a lot of political support among Democrats, also announced that he will be making a “major announcement” about his future in politics. That could indicate he’s preparing for a Senate bid or other position in California.


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