Biden’s daughter reveals her father is considering 2020 run (Details)

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Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley Biden, thinks her father is “considering” to run for president in 2020.

During an interview with Women’s Wear Daily, she was asked if her father will run for president in 2020. She replied, “I hope so.”

However, she noted that he has not made up his mind just yet.

“Right now, his focus is on the (Biden) Foundation and Cancer Moonshot, as well as getting other Democrats elected. He’s not there. He’s taking it day by day after the loss of my dear beloved brother (Beau),” she said.

She continued, “He’ll make a decision when that time comes. A lot can happen in four years and we know this as a family. If he is in good health, knock on wood, and seeing what the landscape is at the time, yeah, I think he is considering it.”

While she says a lot can happen in four years, it’s really only about two years away until candidates will start throwing their hats into the ring.

Before Joe’s son Beau passed away from brain cancer in 2015, he was thinking of running against Hillary Clinton in 2016 for the Democratic nomination but decided to opt out due to his son’s death.

According to the Washington Post, before Beau passed, he urged his father to run for president rather than having the seat go to Hillary Clinton.

In September 2016, Biden stated, “When (Beau) passed, part of my soul was gone. And no woman or man should ever run for president unless they are capable and willing to give every ounce of their energy to the endeavor. And I just wasn’t.”

However, when Trump defeated Clinton last year, Biden expressed his regret about not running while claiming he would have crushed Trump.

It’s unclear how Biden would do against the younger candidates who are planning to run. According to a Public Policy Polling poll from May, he would be the best Democratic candidate in a hypothetic matchup against Trump in 2020. But, this poll does not include candidates such as Chris Murphy, Kamala Harris, and Tulsi Gabbard.


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