Betsy DeVos just visited Parkland students and it was a disaster (Details)

Credit: AP/Carolyn Kaster

On Wednesday, Betsy DeVos visited Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the site of the February 14th massacre. This was the first full day of class since the shooting.

Reporters were barred from the event. According to DeVos’ staff, this was out of respect for the students and faculty.

Many of the students were upset because DeVos chose to only talk to small groups of students, instead of speaking to the student body as a whole. Others said that she barely answered questions and felt she was there solely as a publicity stunt.

“Betsy Devos came to my school, talked to three people, and pet a dog. This is incase the press tries to say something else later,” one student wrote on Twitter.

Another student tweeted, “Currently with Secretary of education aka besty Devos, and she barely answered my question.”

Aly Sheehy tweeted, “Do something unexpected: answer our questions. You came to our school just for publicity and avoided our questions for the 90 minutes you were actually there. How about you actually do your job?”

DeVos went to a local hotel afterward and held a press conference. She answered only five questions and reporters said she abruptly left.

DeVos was pressed on her recent support of arming teachers in schools. She says she didn’t talk about that during the visit.

“We didn’t have a conversation about that. I was just there to be there, to be with them.”

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Before the event, many students voiced their opposition to the visit on social media.

Emma Gonzalez, who quickly racked up 1.2 million Twitter followers based on her activism after the shooting, tweeted:

Sara Chadwick, another strong activist voice that emerged following the massacre, tweeted:

DeVos says she will revisit the school at a later date.


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