Besty Devos embarrasses herself after accidentally promoting study showing how terrible she is

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On Tuesday, the American Enterprise Institute conducted an event meant to attack the public education system. The group says we need to move past the “Bush-Obama School Reform.”

The featured speaker for the event was Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. DeVos has no qualifications for her role and was only selected because she donated heavily to the Trump campaign.

During the event, DeVos spent considerable time attacking the public education system that she’s supposed to support. She made repeated claims that “entrenched Washington Bureaucrats” have been destroying public schools.

To support her claim, she brought up a study by the American Federation of Teachers, which represents public education professionals. She highlighted the part of the study that says “60 percent of its teachers reported having moderate to no influence over the content and skills taught in their own classrooms.”

“Let that sink in,” DeVos said to the crowd.

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Not long after, the same educator’s union called out DeVos for leaving out a key part of the study that she referenced.

AFT continued with: “According to our recent stress survey, 86% of educators feel disrespected by @BetsyDeVosEd. In fact, more American educators feel disrespected by DeVos than anyone else in the entire world. You can’t blame Bush & Obama for that.”

“Since @BetsyDeVosEd has proposed cutting $9B from the federal education budget,” AFT said, “maybe dropping that proposal would help make teachers less stressed. Just a thought. #BushObamaSchoolReform”

Thus, DeVos obviously picked the wrong study to back her opinions. If she supports the validity of the study’s findings, then she supports the fact that she’s behind a lot of the problems.


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