Badlands National Park defies Trump by tweeting facts about climate change (Tweets)

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On Tuesday, Badlands National Park defied Donald Trump’s orders by tweeting facts about climate change. However, the tweets didn’t last long. They were deleted by early evening hours.

They tweeted:

The tweets came after Trump banned the Department of Interior from updating their social media and communicating with reporters. It is reported that the tweets were by a former employee who was not currently authorized to use the park’s account.

People went to twitter to applaud the bravery of the person who tweeted the messages:

Federal workforce experts note they have never seen anyone else take the type of steps the Trump’s administration has been doing to restrain public communications.

Andrew Rosenberg, an official at the Union of Concerned Scientists warned, “These actions don’t just threaten scientists — they threaten everyone in the country who breathes air, drinks water and eats food.”

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