‘Harlem Shake’ creators threaten legal fight against FCC’s Ajit Pai for using their song (Details)

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A DJ named Harry Rodrigues aka Baauer and his record label has announced they will retaliate against Federal Communication Commission Chairman Ajit Pai for using the “Harlem Shake” in an anti-net neutrality video.

In the video, it features Pai going through the different things you can do even after the repeal of net neutrality. One of the activities was Pai and others dancing to the “Harlem Shake.”

The video was released after the FCC voted 3-2 to repeal net neutrality.

In a tweet, Bauuer threatened to take action.

Baauer also released a statement saying that he is looking into ways to get the video taken down.

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He stated, “The use of my song in this video obviously comes as a surprise to me as it was just brought to my attention. I want to be clear that it was used completely without my consent or council.”

He continued, “My team and I are currently exploring every single avenue available to get it taken down. I support Net Neutrality like the vast majority of this country and am appalled to be associated with its repeal in anyway.”

The record label, Mad Decent, also stated that they issued a “takedown” and if it is not taken down, they will take “further legal action if it is not removed.”


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