Awkward moment as Trump appears to refuse a handshake with Germany’s Angela Merkel

Image via Saul/AFP

After the first meeting between Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, and Donald Trump, there was an awkward moment in the room where it appeared Trump didn’t want to shake her hand.

The reporters kept saying “handshake, handshake” as Trump stared blankly on like a deer in headlights. Merkel turned to Trump and said “they want to have a handshake,” to which Trump also ignored.

It’s unclear whether this was a purposeful act or whether Trump was simply “blanking out.” It is standard practice for the president to shake hands with guests in these photo ops, and he seemed to embrace the act with many other world leaders.

Angela Merkel, nor anyone on behalf of the German government, has yet to respond.

It would be appropriate for Trump to follow up the incident with an apology, if it was indeed just a mistake.

Check out the video below:

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