Another anti-Putin activist was just murdered in Russia

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Adding to the long list of suspicious deaths surrounding those who oppose Russian President Vladimir Putin, another prominent activist has just been found murdered.

According to the RFE/RL, Putin opposition activist Konstantin Sinistin was found dead in his St. Petersberg apartment building. The death occurred on January 26th but didn’t make the news until about a week later.

Sinistin was found with fatal head injuries. Authorities are saying the murder was the result of a botched robbery. Many are skeptical of the story because authorities in Russia can be easily manipulated by the Kremlin.

Sinistin, who was only 53 years old, regularly attended anticorruption protests in Russia. In 2015, he supported a wave of protests attempting to stop tariff raises against truckers. He has been supporting numerous protests since then.

From 2014 to May 2017, USA Today found there were at least “38 prominent Russians” who were “victims of unsolved murders or suspicious deaths since the beginning of 2014.”

According to that same USA Today report, two of those on the list are possibly connected to the dossier that ties Trump to Putin.

Out of the thirty-eight, twelve were shot, stabbed, or beaten. Six were the victims of explosions. Ten were reported as deaths by natural causes, although their deaths were still deemed suspicious by outsiders. Six of the deaths were listed as unknown causes.

According to many sources, poison is a common method for Putin to have his enemies killed.

Before 2014, there is an even longer list of possible murders tied to Putin.

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In the past, Trump has defended Putin when he was accused of these crimes. Bill O’Reilly once told Trump in an interview that Putin is a killer. Trump responded by saying, “There are a lot of killers. We have a lot of killers. Well, you think our country is so innocent?”

In another interview, Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough pointed out that Putin kills journalists who disagree with him. Trump responded with, “Well, I think that our country does plenty of killing, too, Joe.”


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