GOP analyst: Mueller likely got Trump’s tax returns from raid and that terrifies Trump (Details)

Credit: Left: Twitter Right: Dimitar Dilkoff / AFP/Getty Images File

On Monday, after the FBI raid of the hotel and office of Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, GOP strategist Rick Wilson celebrated it.

In his column, Wilson described Cohen as the “bag-walking, dick-swinging swagger-monkey wannabe thug attorney and consigliere for Donald Trump’s far-flung penile enterprises.”

Wilson then went on to explain that the raid has to “strike absolute terror” into Trump because now his darkest secrets may come out and be on public display. He goes further and says that it “may be one of the most dangerous moments in his entire life, not just his presidency.”

Wilson continued, “The likelihood is that Mueller and the FBI are now in possession of the Black Books of Trump, NDAs from enough of Trump’s various affairs that you can staff a 12-pole strip club with plenty of girls left for the Champagne rooms.”

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He added, “It’s only speculation at this point, but it’s quite likely that Cohen was the keeper of many of Trump’s lending documents, contracts, business arrangements, and the Kryptonite of Trump’s fragile self-worth: the long-sought tax returns.”

Wilson concluded his piece by saying that Cohen was “one of Trump’s most vulnerable and dangerous keepers of secrets.” He also added that “If Trump had a brain, he would have been terrified this moment would come. Cohen simply lived in a state of idiot hubris that it wouldn’t.”


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