Despite calls from conservatives to boycott, new ‘Beauty and the Beast’ film breaks multiple records (Details)

Walt Disney Studios

A few weeks ago, there was news that the new Beauty and the Beast movie would include an openly gay character, and many conservatives vowed to boycott. The movie debuted this past weekend. Despite the calls for a boycott, the movie opened with a monstrous record of $170 million in North American movie theaters and $350 million worldwide.

The new animated film also set a number of other records, including biggest opening ever for a PG movie in both North America and overseas. It surpassed the record made by Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice last year for biggest opening for March by exceeding $166 million. It also comes in at number seven for biggest domestic opening for any film.

This movie also did very well internationally, coming in at number one almost everywhere.

The film is considered the best opening for a Disney live action remake yet, beating The Jungle Book, Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland out of the water.

The plot is about Belle, who tries to rescue her father from the castle where the terrifying beast is, but she ends up falling in love with the Beast.

There is a subtle lesson in the movie. It is all about looking past outer appearances of people and trying to find their inner beauty. It demonstrates that exclusion of someone because of their looks can feed into anger and resentment.


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