Confederacy advocates buying several billboards advocating for another Civil War (Details)

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The League of the South is advocating to secede from the Union again, even after they failed miserably the first time.  This is in hopes of triggering another Civil War.

Michael Hill, the president of League of the South, wrote a Facebook post titled, “Fight or die white man.” It reads, “nothing less than the complete reconquest and restoration of our patrimony — the whole, entire South. And that means the South will once again be in name and in actuality White Man’s Land. A place where we and our progeny can enjoy Christian liberty and the fruits of our own labor, unhindered by parasitical ‘out groups,'”

The group put up billboards in several states that read “SECEDE,” which sometimes includes a banner that is a black and white version of the Confederate flag without the stars.

New LS billboard in Harrison, Arkansas.

Posted by League of the South on Monday, August 1, 2016

Support for secession can also be found on other websites that support nationalism, such as Occidental Dissent and the Daily Stormer.  Both are known to be openly racist and anti-Semitic.

Last month on their Facebook page, Michael Hill revealed that they struggle with keeping their members, which is a good sign for the rest of us.

The post reads, “The League has lost some “weak sisters” lately because of our stand in favor of the South as White Man’s Land, participation in the Nationalist Front, and our continuing expose’ of the Jew as an ancient and implacable enemy of our people and civilization. If you are a “weak sister” who cannot stand to be called a racist, anti-Semite, xenophobe, white supremacist, or any of the other epithets the left throws at us, then you don’t belong in The League of the South.” He continued, “The time has come for The League to get strong for battle through the process of “addition by subtraction.” Those who are timid and embrace failed half-measures are excess baggage we do not need and will not keep.”

The group announced on their Facebook that they will be participating in a rally called “Unite the Right” which will be held in Charlottesville, VA. One of the rules for this event is to “engage in violence.”


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